The Democrats in the Senate came to vote, they saw the reaction of the people when they put 800,000 illegal immigrants ahead of the American people and then they caved.

I knew the Democrat shutdown of the government would not last long because of what they were shutting it down for, illegal immigrants.

The American people can only take so much and when you put people who have come here illegally in front of legal American citizens you have apparently crossed the line, even with some Democrats.

The House voted 266-150 and the Senate voted 81-18 to approve the 3 week Continuing Resolution (CR), that is an entirely different topic we could beat on but that is for another day.

Michigan’s four House Democratic members; Sander Levin, Dan Kildee, Debbie Dingell and Brenda Lawrence all voted against funding the government and once again put illegal immigrants in front of the needs of American citizens and legal residents.  How can any real American vote for them in future elections.

Michigan’s two Democratic members of the Senate; Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters both voted to reopen the government.  They stated that a pledge from Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell to soon take up immigration legislation was enough for them to vote for the American people.

Ask yourself this, if immigration is such a big concern for the Democratic Party why did they NEVER attempt to bring an immigration bill to the House or Senate floor when President Obama was in office?

They controlled all levels of the government during President Obama’s first 2 years and despite candidate Obama promising the Hispanic community and the American people he would attempt to fix our broken immigration system, he never even tried.

What does that tell you about this immigration issue and the Democratic Party?

By the way I told all my listeners that almost all of us will not be affected one iota during this shutdown and I be I was right.  In fact according to a study released on January 22nd by the personal finance website Wallethub, our nation’s 19th shutdown in U.S. history, Minnesota is the only state that will be affected less than Michigan.

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