In response to the current California wildfires, those wildfires that occur every year since the beginning of time, Democrat New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) tweeted out the following:

Wildfires are a natural event.  In fact a global warming enthusiast by the name of
Park Williams, a bio-climatologist at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory said the following:

Fire, in some ways, is a very simple thing…As long as stuff is dry enough and there’s a spark, then that stuff will burn.

So what does it all mean?  Well California, like many states in the West, gets most of its rain and in some areas snow in the fall and winter. Because of that, the ground covering dries slowing in the summer due to the natural lack of rainfall and the warmer temperatures. That ground covering then serves as kindling for the fires that occur every year.  The environmentalist then tell the state that you cannot damage mother earth by cutting down or trimming back this ground cover which then creates more wildfires and those wildfires could be more intense.

As an article from stated:

The problem with this statement is that California wildfires aren’t anything new. In fact, Capital Public Radio has a visual timeline that shows just how wildfires have hit California dating back well before the 1950s. Like any natural disaster, wildfires are worse in some years than they are others.

This picture below shows an accumulated map of wildfires that date back to 1878 all the way up to 1950.

So now we know what stupid looks like or could she think that other people will be, let us say not so bright, as to believe her thus giving her and others the ability to push the “green new deal” on the public.

There are better, less ridiculous reasons for people to believe in the man-made global warming religion but do not make yourselves look, well if I could use an AOC’s term she has used in the past, “stupid” by believing this one.

They are using these people’s tragedies in their lives to advance their political agendas, that my friends is the moral of the story.  Sorry for using the word moral when discussing people like AOC and their global warming agenda.

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