When is a kiss just a kiss, or a sign of real passion?

Believe it or not which way you tilt your head when you lean for a kiss means a lot!

9and10news.com reported that Canadian researchers discovered that people who turn their head to the right when coming in for a kiss are romantically connected to their partner. They also discovered that...

"Moms and dads tended to turn their head to the left, not the right, when kissing their kids.

Why? Researchers  theorize that the preference may be due to the fact that parents often cradle babies in their left arm and therefore kiss them in the same direction. That pattern probably continues even as the children get older, the researchers said."

But why if you are romantically involved with someone do we lean to the right for a kiss? Researchers feel...

" that people in new relationships tend to have heightened activity in certain "reward regions" on the left side of the brain.

Turning right while kissing may boost the activation of these areas, the researchers theorized, pointing out that long-term couples tend to continue to turn right while kissing."

So if your intended leans to the right, you are passion train, if not....

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