Facebook in the Kalamazoo area is being flooded with shares from an epic video that is SO icon of Kalamazoo.  Have you watched it yet? Don't be the only person who hasn't! 


Discover Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo's local "tourist" organization that preaches all things Kzoo (think #discoverkalamazoo), posted a video on their Facebook on Wednesday, February 10 and 18 hours later it has gotten over 1,500 shares. From shots of our beloved sports teams like the K-Wings and The Growlers to activities in our favorite parks like Arcadia and Bronson Park, we are sure that you have been to at least 50% of these places you see on the video.


If you have lived in Kalamazoo for any amount of time, this will resonate. If you haven't been to Kalamazoo, this will make  you book a trip today. Rhino Media captured the footage of these iconic events like Ribfest, Bell's Eccentric Day, Art Hop and others - and we want to know which ones are your favorite? Just click play and you'll feel the pride well up - we are Kalamazoo, and we love it.



A thriving art scene to fuel your creative side, top-notch restaurants, miles of both rural and scenic trails and a...

Posted by Discover Kalamazoo on Wednesday, February 10, 2016



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