July 12, 2022 marks 50 years to the day that Kathy Sue Wilcox apparently had an argument with her stepmother, stormed out of her home in Otsego and was never heard from again. Kathy is the longest missing person in Allegan County, Michigan, and 4th longest missing in the entire State of Michigan. Since that day, there has been zero information regarding her whereabouts, and now friends are trying more than ever in the hopes that someone will be able to come forward to offer the first piece of information regarding this case. A childhood friend, Ronnie Marks recently made a post to the "Missing In Michigan" page, and people are already trying what they can to see her home safe after half a century:

 I grew up right across the block from Kathy's family. I attended elementary and middle school with her. She was a good friend and classmate. People aren't supposed to just disappear without a trace. Someone has to know something, our town is just a little town. It's heartbreaking and frustrating, but I am not giving up. I will continue to tell her story and keep her name out there until there are answers, closure, and justice. Thank you to all the folks on this page who volunteer their time in an effort to help and comfort others.

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This year she would have turned 65 years old on Christmas Day. Her case is technically still open, so anyone with ANY credible information is asked to come forward and contact the Otsego Police Department at 269-692-6111 or you can report tips anonymously at Crime Stoppers, at 1-800-222-TIPS. There is also a Facebook page dedicated to her missed as well.

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