There are articles all over the internet that proclaim “Here are 25 waterfalls to see” or “FIFTY waterfalls to visit” or even more.

Well, this time, I ain’t a-gonna do that.

This is just a short, three-waterfall expedition that are all in the Munising area and pretty darn impressive, too. It’s a mini-trip you can do in a half a day. Or just take your time and enjoy each place at your own pace.

The first one is Laughing Whitefish Falls, named after the Whitefish River. The Ojibwe tribe named the river ‘whitefish’ after observing it from Lake Superior; they thought the mouth looked like a laughing fish. Located 28 miles west of Munising, take M-94 to the ghost town of Sundell. You can tell you’re at Sundell when you reach the abandoned general store on the corner of M-94 and Sundell Road. Go north on Sundell Rd. Follow that road until it turns into a dirt road. Then turn right on Laughing Whitefish Falls Road that will take you to a parking area. Now you’re there! The trail to the falls is about a mile. Once there, you’ll notice the falls looks like a giant slide. It’s very cool – plus, it’s one of Michigan’s highest waterfalls where you can get to the summit.

Miners Falls is one of the most powerful falls in the area. The falls are approximately 9½ miles northeast of Munising in the Pictured Rocks area. Miners Castle Road leads you to Miners Falls Road. There are wooden overlooks where you can hang out and enjoy observing the falls. Once you’re done at the falls, go back and continue north on Miners Castle Road. It leads you to – what else? Miners Castle, a cool sandstone rock formation along Pictured Rocks.

Tannery Falls is about a mile east outside the Munising city limits off E. Munising Avenue. These falls don’t get too much publicity, therefore there are very little places where you can park and walk to the falls. The lack of too many visitors makes Tannery Falls more litter-free, less-traveled, and more foliage. It’s worth the trek.

Take a look at the gallery below featuring photos of all three waterfalls and see if that doesn’t whet your appetite for a roadtrip!

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