If you have ever lived on a corner, you probably have experienced the wrath of some very horrible drivers.  Why when some people come to a corner, they feel the need to drive over your grass I do not know.  The cost of their insurance if they have any must be very high.  One woman in Three Rivers Michigan has had enough and went to Facebook to voice or write her opinion.  She wrote on a Three Rivers Group Facebook page the following:

I am sick of people tearing up my front yard man!!! I live on Lutz Road between Constantine and Three Rivers and every year people that don’t know how to drive when it snows tears the crap out of my front yard! Come on people have a conscience stop and say look when it gets warm I will get a rake and help you fix your front yard I will replace the poles that my car ripped out!!! The trees you’ve been growing for 30 + years I will replace!!! Really??? If you don’t know how to drive on wet roads or snowy roads don’t get behind the wheel. It cost people money to fix this 10 times a year come on now. Why would you not stop and say I’m sorry I will help you fix this I know you do this 10 times a year.  For Crying Out Loud Man!!!!!

You can feel the anguish in her words.

I know many people put up big rocks and other barriers to stop these horrible or disrespectful drivers.

Perhaps if we share this story with as many people as possible, people will stop and think the next time they want to go through somebodies yard or slow down to not skid into their yard. Michigan used to be rated as the 15th most polite state when it comes to driving

I guess you can call me a dreamer.

This Three Rivers Woman Has Had ENOUGH of Drivers Plowing Through Her Yard

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