Where did we come from?

That's a question that gets most curiosity seekers going. Maybe some of our ancestors came through Ellis Island - saw the grand statue on their way to the land of opportunity. Or maybe it was some other entry point. What's more, where we came from may not actually be where Mom and Grandma said we came from. That's one of the things DNA genealogy testing is bearing out.

We talked about it on The Richard Piet Show with the director of university archives at Western Michigan University, Sharon Carlson, who is often working on genealogy research for the university.

Among the things about DNA genealogy Sharon says we should know:

  • DNA genealogy testing results differ for men than women.
  • DNA genealogy can give you results you weren't expecting.
  • There are some steps you should take before DNA genealogy testing.

Hear her elaborate and explain these assertions, based on her research and experiences, by clicking the player below.

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