The lovable, goofy cat, who looks dapper in an old English 'D' is one of the most popular mascots in all of baseball.

PlayUSA, a gambling and sports web site asked 2000 fans of Major League Baseball who their favorite mascots were last month, and Paws was edged out by 'Clark the Cub' of the Chicago Cubs. And there might be some trouble between the two according to PlayUSA:

PAWS might ruffle some feathers, er, fur, of Clark the Cub because according to the MLB, PAWS doesn’t like mustard on his hot dog, which is a staple of a Chicago-style dog.

I'm sorry, but look at Clark. He's kind of a formless juvenile with no class about him. Paws is mature and ten times less annoying, and isn't that what you want in a mascot?

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Dinger of the Colorado Rockies was third, TC of the Minnesota Twins came in fourth and the manic Oriole Bird from Baltimore rounded out the top five.

The worst mascot title went to Slider of the Cleveland Indians, mainly because nobody knows what the hell it is. A muppet? A bird? No one knows, or cares for that matter.

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According to his official MLB bio, Paws enjoys reading, exercising, Wiffle ball, dancing on the Tiger dugout and cheering on our team.

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Paws made his debut way in 1995 (which makes him 26 this season) when the Tigers were still playing at the historic Tiger Stadium, and then transitioned with the team to Comerica Park a few years later.

He's known around the metro Detroit area not only for his funny antics on the field (especially bothering the umpires), but also making countless charity appearances to children's hospitals, schools and special events.

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