A Battle Creek woman's obsession with Jeeps and Nightmare Before Christmas is pulling in tons of views on TikTok.

Knottyjeepchick has found a place where her love of crochet, Jeeps, and Nightmare Before Christmas can seamlessly come together...TikTok.  KnottyJeepChick currently has 15 thousand followers and 260.7 thousand total video likes.  But, let's start out by talking about this jeep.

One of her most viewed videos with nearly 119 thousand views is a quick tutorial on putting skeleton arms on your windshield wipers.  It is also a sneak peek at her Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired Jeep.

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In another one of her most viewed videos, she's showing some love to a Beetlejuice-inspired Jeep out of Ohio.  I guess not all things out of Ohio are bad. This video has been viewed nearly 45 thousand times.

We get a better look at how far KnottyJeepChick went with her Nightmare Before Christmas Jeep in this video that has been viewed nearly 34 thousand times.


We can't forget about the crochet part of what KnottyJeepChick does.  She just uploaded this TikTok of a Pumpkin King wreath last night.  Check out her handy work.


Knottyjeepchick Three Favorite TikTokers

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