Over the past year or so, the Lincoln brand has been reshuffled extensively. Here on Tim and Nico's New Rides, we've taken a look at several of the new and revamped vehicles, and now we're looking at the little brother of the Big Four in the lineup: The 2020 Lincoln Corsair!

So far, we've looked at the Lincoln Nautilus and Aviator, the Corsair's bigger brothers. This new-for-2020 vehicle is the smallest of the marque's higher-riding vehicles, which really brings a lot of advantages. The Corsair has plenty of the storage you need (and a lot more than you'd expect by looking at it), has the option of all-wheel drive, and brings the confidence of riding higher on the road than a car.

With all this though, you get the responsiveness and acceleration of a much smaller vehicle, a nice surprise. This is helped in part by things like the aforementioned AWD, the technology behind the various driving modes you can choose from, and the engines on offer; you can go with either a 2.0L 250-hp motor or the larger 2.3L 295 turbocharged option, which requires the AWD package. We tested the smaller engine, and even then, we were quite impressed with its handling and power.

Technology does a lot more than regulate suspension and engine response, however. In our modern connected world, "luxury" is a term that carries with it high-tech gadgetry, and the 2020 Lincoln Corsair does not disappoint. You've got the choice of things like 360 cameras, parking assist (complete with assistance finding parking lots and structures built in), the advanced SYNC system, and the wonderful adaptive control system on the steering wheel that adjusts itself depending on which menus you are in. We're really fond of this in particular, as it feels like something out of science fiction.

Of course, the 2020 Corsair is a Lincoln after all, and despite the advanced computers in the vehicle they didn't skimp on what make a Lincoln iconic. Driving this vehicle isn't just driving it, it's an experience in and of itself. Leather everywhere, heated front AND rear seats, a zillion points of adjustability for the seating: it really has everything you want in a vehicle bearing that legendary logo and name.

All-in-all, the 2020 Lincoln Corsair may be new, but it upholds the Lincoln legacy and brings a lot new to the table. It's a wonderful choice for someone looking for a Lincoln that meets all of their needs.

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