Escape rooms have become a popular activity in recent years. Several have opened up in cities around Michigan and the country and there are now over 8,000 of them active around the world. The physical adventure games have participants, usually in groups, try to solve a series of clues, hints and strategies to complete objectives in a certain amount of time. They also usually have fictional settings and themes like getting out of a prison cell or trying to solve a crime.

A new Titanic themed escape room has opened just south of the Michigan border and it's the first of its kind in the Midwest. ABC 57 in South Bend reports that Outsmart Escapes' newest escape room is geared for couples looking for an ideal date night. Don't worry, you aren't playing Jack Dawson and Rose running about the ship trying to elude an angry fiancee while people are dying to the music of Celine Dion. That would be so 1990s...

The concept is it's 1912 and you're one of the many couples aboard the doomed luxury liner on its maiden voyage to New York. During your stay, you get to enjoy many of the amenities of the ship in one of its staterooms. That is, until the ship strikes the iceberg and begins sinking. Giving very few clues about what exactly you have to do to 'escape', Outsmart Escapes only states "you must work swiftly until it's too late!"

Although geared for couples, up to eight can participate in the activity. The location is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings but also allow special reservations on other days in advance. If you are interested in trying to stay afloat and book an evening in this new escape room, CLICK HERE.

This theme is available in other parts of the country and seems to be growing in popularity. We will keep you posted if Titanic themed escape rooms open at any Michigan locations.

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