I am somewhat surprised that any entertainer would eat much before going on stage.  I have a three-hour radio show that starts at 9 am and I eat nothing before going on air, I am better on-air without food in my stomach.

I am very surprised what a very famous country singer actually ate.  Country singer star Toby Keith played last Sunday at the Michigan Jackson County Fair.  Before he went on stage Mlive is reporting that he was hungry and ordered a meal from an “iconic Jackson County restaurant”.

That restaurant was Rudy’s Drive-In, in Michigan Center.  What did he order is a bit surprising, he ordered two-foot-long chili cheese dogs and two cheeseburgers.

Was that order just for him or himself and a bandmate?

The manager of the restaurant, Nicolle Barton, said:

“I don’t know how he heard of us, but he heard of us. It was totally crazy,” she said. “We were totally geeked because we’re just a hot dog joint…I was so taken back and honored that a celebrity is eating lunch here”

I guy has to eat somewhere why not Rudy’s.

If he ate that entire order I wonder how he did not fall asleep before going on stage.

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