All of us who have struggled with our weight over the years can come up with countless reasons why today or tomorrow or this week or this month is not a good time to take control of our weight and health issues.

I know because I have been there.  The emphasis is on “I have” been there because as of 6 years ago I am no longer there.  Many of my listeners know the story, Missy from My Pure Health Solutions formerly Nutrimost contacted me over 6 years ago and asked me to try their new weight and health program.  Back then all I really cared about was losing weight for my own vanity purposes.  I never really thought much about the health perspective.

As I get older and with the COVID-19 virus affecting people with underlying health issues, like I once had, the health perspective is truly more important than the weight loss.  Yes I did lose over 80 pounds and that helped with my health issues but what I learned while on the program help me keep the weight off and become even healthier.  I no longer take many of the medications I use to because they are no longer needed.

Courtesy of Renk
Courtesy of Renk

By that way that is MIssy, the owner of the company in the picture with me.

How is My Pure Health Solutions different than any diet plan out there?  Well, first it is not a diet plan it is a health plan that includes weight loss.  Do not get me wrong weight loss is a big factor in the plan but it is not the only reason to join the many other people who have completed the program.

My Pure Health Solutions test your body to find what is off in your body to help balance your hormones, fire up your metabolism, and get things functioning better on your cellular level.  To do this they scan your body with their proprietary software that test’s over 2700 biomarkers. For any science people, it has something to do with testing the frequency signals in each of our cells.  Call the health coaches at My Pure Health and they can better explain the science to you.

If your someone who does not want to go to the offices of My Pure Health every week to be scanned during the program they now have the ability to send the remote scanning equipment directly to your home.  From there you can scan your body and their technology will send the data they need to design and tweak your personal health and weight loss program to their office weekly or as many times as needed.

I asked Missy, the owner of the Company to let me know what she and her health coaches hear from people inquiring about their product and service, and what they should know.  She sent me the following:

One of the questions I get asked from people who have done other diet programs and didn't have the success OR learned how to keep the weight they lost off is... "WHAT MAKES YOU DIFFERENT?"

I actually LOVE that question because I can tell them with 100% confidence there isn't another program out there that has the ability to figure out what each individual needs to lose weight. Losing weight isn't just about eating right, it's also LEARNING what is out of balance in your body. It's ONLY because of the technology that we use that allows us to test your body to see what hormones, toxins, and body organs to see what isn't working at it's optimum. Other programs may tell you what food to eat, or give you the same supplements as every person that walks through their door...we don't do that. Each and every person is UNIQUE and REQUIRES a CUSTOMIZED program,

In talking with personal trainers, I know that what they do is amazing, however, they don't have the ability to balance your hormones, nor do they know what supplements your body truly needs to help get you into a state of fat burn.

I also have spoken with people who help with meal prepping. They teach you what and when to eat. Again, that is GREAT! But, what they can't help you with is figuring out what is keeping you out of true fat burning. They aren't able to address the hormones, the specific toxins in the body, nor do they know what specific organs that your body truly needs in order to heal, repair, or just simply bring back into balance.

The body is an AMAZING thing. It truly blows my mind having worked with hundreds of people throughout the years, seeing the looks on their faces as they lose the weight, but more so when they say they "feel human again". The people who came in skeptical, or simply in fear because they had tried everything and didn't want to get their hopes up thinking that it wouldn't work. I have YET to see this program NOT work!

The beautiful thing that happens when doing our program, is that you will become educated more than ever on how your body works. You will be able to not only see the difference, but you will become aware by the end of the program the foods your body loves, and the ones that it doesn't. Again, people are skeptical about that, but by the time they are done, we high five them, because they have now become an expert in THEMSELVEs.

We empower people with knowledge, to understand their body. It is ALL because of the technology we use.

We don't GUESS we TEST!

Test to see what is out of balance within your body. Don't beat yourself up, because it hasn't been your fault. You just haven't had the right tool in your hand to put yourself back together. 

To lose weight it is all about getting into and staying in the fat-burning zone.  To keep the weight off and reach your bodies optimal health will come from the education you will learn about your body during the program.  A program that is only 25 or 50 days long.

So today is the day to start your journey down the path of becoming thinner and healthier.  I do not want to sound like a commercial that is not the intent of this piece but after giving you all this information I thought you might want to know how to contact the health coaches at My Pure Health Solutions.  You can visit them at and click on the contact us button or call them at 269-964-4044.

Here is my proof of what this plan did for me:

Courtesy of Renk
Courtesy of Renk

Good luck with your journey.

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