Unfortunately the fairy tale season for Western ended by getting bit by a Badger. The Western Michigan University Broncos lost to the University of Wisconsin Badgers 24-16 in this year's Cotton Bowl.

The Broncos started off really slow with the Badgers taking it right down the field to score touchdowns on their first two possessions but then the defense kicked in and started to play.

They fought their way back but in a game breaking mistake their quarterback Zach Terrell threw an interception that he will never forget. On their own 3 yard line, he tossed the ball into triple coverage and the pass was intercepted at the 10 yard line. Wisconsin then scored to go up 14 and they never looked backed.

Congratulations to our WMU Broncos for a great season, ending up with 13 wins and now 1 loss.

Maybe a undefeated season will come in the new season. But will the new season feature head coach PJ Fleck? While some reports have him staying in Kalamazoo with a lengthy contract extension, a new rumor has surfaced that he'll be lured away by the University of Minnesota.

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