The 14th Annual Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing took place over the weekend. It's quite an event to see as hundreds of tractors cross the bridge at once.

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The Mackinac Bridge Antique Tractor Crossing was created in 2007 and the first crossing took place in 2008. The first exhibition began with 614 tractors and has grown every year since. The crossing takes place in September on the first Friday after Labor Day.

Here is a look from Tina Duplay aka The Wandering Soul.

The tractors were staged at Little Bear Arena in St. Ignace. Tired Iron of Butternut Valley of Bainbridge, New York led the downtown St. Ignace Parade on Sunday this year. Around 1370 tractors participated.

You can see the tractors from either side of the bridge. There is also a spot on M-2 throughout St. Ignace as the tractors go into downtown.

The funniest part of the TikTok video submitted by Tina was that she mispronounced Mackinac Bridge. And someone IMMEDIATELEY called her on it. Jami Pless said,

"You said Mackinac completely wrong."

Casskneff commented,

"You must not be from Michigan."

Corey roasted,

"You did not just say Mack-in-ak. That's sacrilegious.

The creator of the TikTok video was transparent in admitting she isn't from Michigan and that many people called her out on her mistake.

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Almost 2000 people have liked the post. It garnered comments from 156 people, most of them pointing out the poster's mistake.

"Tell me you're not from Michigan with out telling me you're not from Michigan. She'll go first."

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