A 46 year old East Leroy woman remains free on bond and the trial is delayed for concealing her mother's death after her attorney requested a psychiatrist be present to be questioned about a previous psychological examination which found her competent to stand trial.

According to the Battle Creek Enquirer, the preliminary hearing in Calhoun County District Court for Marcia Lutz was adjourned Tuesday, after her attorney requested the testimony of a psychiatrist to evaluate her competency to stand trial.

Lutz was arrested in May after her mother’s body, 74-year-old Phyllis Lutz, was found buried in her yard on Four Mile Road in January. Investigators were tipped off after church members had not seen Phyllis Lutz since September 2018.

Authorities believe Phyllis Lutz may have died around the time she had last been seen. Investigators with the Michigan State Police said Phyllis Lutz had been suffering from some medical issues prior to her death.

Marcia Lutz faces charges of concealing the death of an individual and failing to report the death of an individual.

In a separate case, Lutz has been charged with embezzling funds from her church; officials at the First Christian Church in Emmett Township discovered in January that between $20,000 and $40,000 had been stolen. She faces a preliminary examination later this month on that charge. The money discrepancy was discovered the same day Phyllis Lutz’s body was found.

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