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There's no doubt the country is divided more than ever right now especially as we try and navigate our way through this election.

Yesterday while standing outside a voting precinct in Warren, Trump and Biden supporters were definitely divided at first but eventually came together in the most awesome way possible.

According to Fox 2, A group of Donald Trump supporters and backers of Joe Biden started shouting at each other through bullhorns Tuesday night near a voting precinct in the Detroit suburb of Warren, and as tensions escalated, police were called in to keep the two sides separated.

It was 59-year-old Trump supporter Mathew Woods that brought the two groups after spending most of their time shouting at one another. He challenged the Biden supporters to a sing-off. At first, they weren't biting but eventually, they put their guard down and started singing along with Trump supporters.

Mathew Woods:

We shook hands, hugged each other and apologized for saying bad words to one another. Let's forget about politics. Let's hug each other and be friends.

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn tweeted about what had happened:

What began as a tense exchange in Macomb County involving supporters of both presidential candidates shouting at each other through bullhorns took an unexpected turn as Trump & Biden supporters together began singing `God Bless America' as a united group.

This is proof that we can get along even during the most stressful times. Just step back for a moment and think about what's really important.

Source: Fox 2/WDIV

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