Are you on the fence about who will be our next President?

Are you leaning one one way but you still are not completely confidant on your choice?

Well tomorrow night, Monday September 26th, you will get a chance to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton face to face in their first of 3 debates. They will be on the stage together at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY at 9 pm EST.

What do you need to see or hear from these two candidates to help you decide or solidify your choice?

Does Trump need to look Presidential, if so what does that exactly mean?

Does Hillary need to convince you that you can trust her, can you trust a candidate that has been proven to tell one lie after another or has completely stretched the truth?

Are you looking for civility and no name calling from either candidate, does name calling make them not look Presidential?

Are you very interested in each candidates policy, does detail in their policy matter to you?

Does an overall change, not an establishment candidate, something that is appealing to you?

Are you looking for a leader who can lead this country to the next level, so details in their policies does not matter as much this election?

Is a overall understanding and direction of their policies enough this election?

Are you looking for a candidate who will fight against the rigged system, (establishment candidates) and if so will an establishment candidate fight against that system?

These are some of the questions that are out there today concerning this election.

This election feels different to me, it does not feel like the country is focusing on exact details of policies but they are looking for a true leader. A leader who will re-establish this country as a world leader and a country that is respected around the world. A leader who does not view everything they do and say through a political lense but what is right for us the American people. A leader who does not view everything they do and say on how it will affect them first, their agenda second, their party third and then maybe possibly the American people next.

Are you looking for something else?

Let us know.

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