Truth or Dare sucks so much I barely want to even review it. 

Coming off the heels of my review of A Quiet Place, this movie feels like a depressing return to the reality of horror films in 2018.

Truth or Dare starts us off by introducing us to our annoying band of college-age cliches; the good girl, her annoying ex, the whore, the arrogant jock, the alcoholic, the gay one. Check, Check and Check on all of those boxes. Our band of stereotypes decides to go on a stereotypical Spring Break in Mexico, where they meet some dude. That random guy says "hey, why don't you follow me to an abandoned convent?" and they all AGREE.

Once in the convent, they begin playing truth or dare, and that's when "surprise!"; it turns out that the random guy DIDN'T have the best intentions for our heroes, and he has brought them in to a supernatural game of truth or dare. The rules are simple; tell the truth, or do the dare, or else you die.

The way this works is (spoilers) apparently a demon has somehow possessed this one game of truth or dare. Not the friends, not the game for everyone ever, just this one game. First of all, I don't know how something like a concept can be possessed in the first place. Could a demon possess the idea of "dropping a pen on the floor and bending over to pick it up"? Or is that too broad?

Second of all, the way this demon operates is the most laughable, annoying thing I've seen in a horror movie in a while. Since the demon isn't tangible, it asks people "truth or dare" via possessing whoever is close to the victim. However, the way Truth or Dare represents this is SO stupid; when someone gets possessed, they pull this ridiculous Joker smile and get red eyes. At one point, a character (in a voice that I assume was meant to be dread) calls it some kind of evil Snapchat filter.

Universal Pictures via YouTube
Universal Pictures via YouTube

That's the problem; it looks EXACTLY like some dumb photo filter! I'm supposed to take that seriously? I'm supposed to be scared of these Gumby looking idiots?

The plot of this movie is so predicable I could be describing any number of films. Each of the friends starts to die one by one, as they try to figure out how to get out alive, yadda yadda, until they come to a solution at the end that hopefully gets the main characters out.

The plot isn't helped by the characters, who are unlikable and stereotypical, as I mentioned before. The actors suck, or at least weren't good enough to escape the mire the movie has put them in. I have nothing more to say about them beyond that.

Universal Pictures via YouTube
Universal Pictures via YouTube

It's hard to find ANY redeeming qualities in Truth or Dare at all, if I'm being honest. It's not bad enough to be funny, it's not gory enough to entertain in that respect, and it's not scary!

Blumhouse Productions films are so hit or miss. Sometimes, they churn out crap like Truth or Dare or Insidious: The Last Key, but other times they make over the top and cheesy but fun horror like Happy Death Day, and they even picked up a movie that went on to get nominated for several Oscars in Get Out.

Don't go see Truth or Dare. If I were to sum up my review in six words, it would be "Go See A Quiet Place Instead." It'll be a much better experience.

See the trailer below.

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