Getty Images By Andrew Burton
Getty Images By Andrew Burton

Calhoun County Races

Calhoun County Clerk-Register Anne Norlander won the Republicans nomination easily, defeating challengers Deborah Evans and Corey Williams.  Norlander had near twice as many votes as the challengers combined total.  She’ll be opposed in November by democrat Joan Melekian.

Anne Norlander: 5506

Deborah Evans: 1666

Corey L. Williams 1135

In the race for Water Recourses Commissioner, it will be Fred Heaton opposing incumbent Democrat Christine Kosmowski in November. Heaton edged Johnny cash by less than 100 votes in a 4-person republican primary.

Fred A. Heaton: 2695

Johnny Cash: 2599

Bing Robinson: 1063

Johnathan C. Kittinger: 1001

The November’s Circuit Judge election will be between Tina Yost and John Sims.

Tina Yost: 4128

John M. Sims: 3459

Kate Ambrose: 1962

James L. Dyer: 1226

School and Municipal Issues

In the Athens Schools, an operating millage renewal and an additional 3.5 mils over five years for building both passed.

Prop 1: Yes: 373 No: 152

Prop 2: Yes: 271 No: 234

Pennfield School voter have again struck down a millage increase.  Voters said no 854-838….a 16 vote margin.  The district was seeking a .75 mil increase for an 8.25 million dollar bond issue.

Yes: 838 No:854

Emmett Township voters said no to a proposed 11.2 million dollar bond issue for roads.

Yes:679 No:818

Albion voters approved a 2.5 mil library funding proposal.

Yes:831 No:292

County Commission Races

4th district County Commissioner Steve Frisbie will oppose Kim Andrews-Bingham in November.  Frisbie garnered nearly twice the votes of challenger Bill Schroer.

(R)Steve Frisbie: 1071

(R)Bill Schroer: 594

(D)Kim Andrews-Bingham: 473

(D)Chuck Adams: 276

In the 3rd District, Jake Smith defeated Nathan Grajek by a 2-1 margin and  will face Republican Jolene Lussier in November.

(R)Jolene M. Lussier: 621

(D)Jake W. Smith: 368

(D)Nathan Grajek: 160

County board District 7 will have  Republican, Gary Tompkins against Democrat  Joyce Spicer in the General Election.  Tomkins beat incumbent Republican Michael Bearman.

(R)Gary Tompkins: 605

(R)Michael Bearman: 478

(D)Joyce J. Spicer: 605

(D)Shane Williamson: 221

Clarendon Township voters approved a 1.25 mill renewal for five years for fire protection.

Yes: 94 No:27

Marshall Township voters said yes to the renewal of a 10-year, 1.5 mill property tax for fire equipment and improvements

Yes:327 No:143

Voters in the Tekonsha Community School district approved an 18 mill property tax renewal for five years.

Yes:196 No:73

Township Races

In Emmett Township, Republican Incumbent Supervisor Tim Hill defeated Michael Bye almost 2-1.   Hill will face Robert Rumsey in the fall.

(R)Tim Hill:637

(R)Michael Bye:339

(D)Robert Rumsey:308

Diane Talbot defeated Jacob Hill for the Emmett Township Treasurer republican nomination.

(R)Diane M. Talbot:601

(R)Jacob Hill:317

In the Emmett Township Trustee primary, Republicans Pat Dougherty, Tom Gunning,, Steve Buller, and Richard Brown were the top four to make the November election.

Pat Dougherty:612

Thomas Gunning:609

Steve Buller:506

Richard W. Brown:439

Jesse Jacox:407

Robert D. Johnson:376

Fredonia Township republicans  Jerry Diver and Ben Lark were the winners.

Ben F. Lark:114

Jerry Diver:114

Michelle Smith:58

Ken Huestis:38

In Homer Township, Republican Nancy Frye will be on the ballot this fall in the treasurer race.

Nancy Frye:117

Anne L. Leach:55

In the race for Marengo Township treasurer,  Angela Freitel beat fellow Republican Carole Tabiadon by one vote.

Angela Frietel:70

Carole Tabiadon:69

Sheridan Township supervisor…Republican Richard Porter defeated Ken Lauer by two votes.

Richard Porter:109

Kenneth Lauer:107

Kalamazoo Elections

Kalamazoo  County  Prosecutor  Jeff  Getting  beat fellow democrat E. Dorphine Payne by a 2-1 margin.

(D)Jeffrey S. Getting:8557

(D)E. Dorphine Payne:4481

(R)Donald H. Smith:9511

Kalamazoo Sherriff  Richard Fuller beat fellow democrat Thomas Swafford by a 3-1 margin.  The Sherriff will face Jeff Heppler this fall.

(R)Jeff Heppler:6381

(R)Robert Munn:2950

(D)Richard C. Fuller:9878

(D)Thomas Swafford:3044

In the 66th State House race,  Republican Beth Griffin will face Democrat Annie Brown in November.

(R)Beth Griffin:1071

(R)Matthew T. Nilson:337

(R)Greg Kolich:190

(D)Annie Brown:524

(D)Dylan Kerley:63

Barry County Sherriff Dar Leaf held off challenger Robert Jordan, and will be unopposed in November.

Gamrat Seat

Republican incumbent Mary Whiteford will run for her first full term in the 80th district House seat previously held by Cindy Gamrat, who was expelled following a sex scandal.

Branch County Jail

Branch county voters said no to a new jail.  This current jail building was converted essentially from a nursing home into the Sheriff's office and jail back in the early 90's.  Branch voters also rejected a jail proposal back in 2006.  Branch County Sheriff John Pollack easily won re-election.

Van Buren County Sherriff

As current Van Buren County Sheriff Dale Gribler prepares to step down after more than two decades on the job.  Dan Abbott will oppose Bob Overhuel this November.

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