On the same evening Kalamazoo was struck with torrential rain that lead to many flooded and closed roads, our neighbors across the state line in South Bend, Indiana also received a record amount of rain. A reporter with WNDU-TV escaped after a station car flipped while trying to navigate a flooded roadway.

The incident occurred on South Bend's southside and the reporter was able to escape the car unharmed.

Journalist Shaun Gallagher shared the story these photos and video on Facebook,

Pretty scary stuff from our coworker. Our photographer Eric was called out last night to film the flash flooding in our area. When he approached the area of Ireland in front of the Growing Kids Learning Center, he says his car was suddenly lifted up from the water.

The photographer needed to use a tripod to break out a window and escape.

South Bend received nearly 8 inches of rain, a record for a single day's rainfall.

Videos of the car roll over and removal from water


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