We keep hearing that the Democrats want to defund the police and use that money for “programs” in the urban areas.  They also believe instead of police responding to many calls there should be squads made up of social workers, violence interrupters, and violence de-escalators.  In fact, they have specifically stated that instead of police being sent to domestic violence calls either social workers, violence interrupters or violence de-escalators could go.

KHOU is, unfortunately, reporting about 2 police officers who responded to a domestic violence call and were ambushed and shot dead. When the officers attempted to enter the home where the call came from the suspected shooter came to the door and opened fire on them. The police chief went on to say sadly that the two officers did not even have a chance to draw their weapons:

The officers never had a chance to suspect deadly assault on them, much less death

When other officers arrived at the scene they noticed their two colleagues down, they approached the “suspected” murderer in the backyard of the residence told him to drop his weapon and at that time the coward fatally shot himself.

I have been told that the most dangerous call for any police officer is a domestic violence call, this certainly adds to that body of evidence.

The question I have for all of you “defunder’s” is how would social workers, violence interrupters, and violence de-escalators have handled this call differently?

How about we make all of these politicians, activists, and the rest of you who call for the defunding of the police escort these social workers, violence interrupters, and violence de-escalators to every call and defend them if the situation goes sideways.

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