Many fans of the University of Michigan’s football team are not going to like what the University is attempting to do.   The Detroit News is reporting that Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman reported last Saturday that “Michigan and Harbaugh are finalizing a new deal with an extension through 2026”. 

I am a fan of college football and I am shocked that the University of Michigan would want Coach Harbaugh back. Harbaugh has a record of 49-22 at Michigan, not horrible.  His biggest problem is he has never beaten one of their arch-rivals, Ohio State and has never gotten to the Big Ten championship game.  The season that just ended he compiled a record of 2-4 with one of those losses being against Michigan State, a team that Michigan was supposed to beat by a lot.

Harbaugh has been paid a lot of money for such mediocre performance in big ten football terms.  Harbaugh’s original seven-year contract expires after the 2021 season.  Next football season Harbaugh is expected to bring in more than $8 million.

Right now only Michigan’s defensive coordinator, Don Brown has paid the price for not being successful.  He was fired on December 22 after five seasons with the team.

What do the administrators see in Coach Harbaugh that many others do not?  It is certainly not his performance or record that is making them offer him an extension.  In college football what usually happens when you never beat a major rival like Ohio State, you lose your job.

Perhaps he has pictures of the administrators that they do not want to be made public.

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