This is a good thing. The UAW has informed the local GM unions that it's time to start talking about how everyone is going to get back to work and building vehicles.

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According to, the UAW sent out a letter yesterday to the locals, telling them to plan to “resume production schedules in the near future.” The GM plants (except for parts plants and the ones making masks and ventilators) have been shut down since March 18th. The shutdown has been progressing on a week to week basis.

When will Lansing and Delta Township be building cars again? Don't know, but when workers do come back they'll get masks and safety glasses and have their temperature taken at the door. From what I've read, some Ford plants have been experimenting with "proximity wristbands". Will GM workers get those?

And they'll have to answer some questions before they can get through the door. My wife works at Sparrow in Lansing, and goes through this every morning: Do you have a cough? Shortness of breath? Allegiance to the Michigan Wolverines?

Just kidding about the last one. But thank you for reading this far.

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