A recently announced pilot program in Calhoun County will be a huge help to homeless citizens who do not have a state-issued identification card. That's the word from the United Way of the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region.

The Calhoun County Board of Commissioners recently approved the program which waives fees for homeless people or those in crisis, removing a barrier for them to be issued an ID. United Way officials say those individuals affected often cannot access services which can move them toward a more stable life if they do not have an ID.

The United Way cites National Law Center on Poverty and Homelessness statistics showing about half of the homeless population in the country has been denied access to various services because they cannot provide proper identification.

Robert Elchert, United Way community impact associate co-chairs a Kalamazoo-Calhoun County Regional ID Task Force, and discusses how the program works and the magnitude of the issue. Matt Lynn, United Way director of community impact, discusses how the initiative fits into the overall campaign focus. Click the player below to hear their comments.

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