For many people, the summer season wouldn’t be what it is without a fair. Whether you go for the fun of walking around and seeing everything, food, animals/livestock, shopping, entertainment, or rides a Michigan fairground will have something to offer everyone in the family. Having had the opportunity to attend fairs in upstate Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota, there is nothing like a Michigan fair. The following are upcoming summer 2022 fairs in the Southwest Michigan region. 

Van Buren County Youth Fair 

Summer 2022 dates: Beginning July 18th, 2022 and ending Saturday July 23rd, 2022 

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Pricing: For general admission, pricing is $7 per day for each adult, $5 for senior citizens, $3 for children 6+, with children 5- being free. They also have season passes at $20 per adult, $15 per senior citizen, and $10 per child.  

Website: Be sure to check out their website for each day's events taking place at the fair. From traditional demo derby and rodeo night to hot air balloon rides, the Van Buren County Fair has something for everyone. Don’t forget, each of these additional events has an additional cost. However, the fireworks display for Friday is free of charge. 

Location: 55670 CR681 Hartford, MI 49057 

Carnival Hours: The carnival will not be operating on Monday of the fair due to set up, but from Tuesday to Saturday the carnival will be running from 1pm to close 

Livestock: Local fairs wouldn’t maintain the high demand and enjoyment it has for years if it wasn’t for the livestock showcasing and buying that goes on during the days of the week. Though many people take the time to enjoy seeing all of these animals, not everyone realizes how much time, work, and effort goes into raising, then showing, and potentially selling these animals. 

*PSA- Due to where this fairground are located, the lone stoplight by the Marathon gas station connects many different busy streets on Red Arrow Highway. This stop is known for numerous accidents every year because it combines so many different points. So, with traffic being extra heavy with the week of the fair, busy passers-by, and local Amish community it is important to remember to slow down! (As someone who grew up by this stoplight, please slow down) 

Cass County Fairgrounds 

Summer 2022 dates: Beginning Sunday July 31st and ending Saturday August 6th 

Pricing: For general admission ticket prices for Adults are $7, Children 6-12 (free kids day on Aug. 2nd) are $2, Children 5 and under are free, Sunday is FREE. For seaon passes adult tickets are $25. Each day the Cass County fair has different focuses like kids' day, veterans' day, seniors' day, etc. that offer free admission. 

Website: For more specific times and shows that go on each day of the fair, or if you are interested in seeing a map of the grounds, you can find everything out on their website. 

Location: 590 N S O Keefe St, Cassopolis, MI 49031 

Fun for everyone: This year the Cass Fair will have ‘Bears of Bearadise Ranch’, where you can find these beary friendly creatures in two different shows each day. There will also be a comedy farm magic show daily. Along with the National and State tractor and truck pull. 

Allegan County Fair 

Summer 2022 dates: Beginning September 9th, 2022 and ending September 17th, 2022 

Pricing: General admission for Adults are $8 each, Children 6+ are $5 each, Children 5- are free. Sunday the 11th is family day where they offer a carload for $15 until 3pm. 

Website: If you would like to purchase tickets, find out the special for each day, or look up off-season events that take place at the fairgrounds check out their website for more information. 

Location: 150 Douglas St, Allegan, MI 49010 

Entertainment: Each day of the fair there are different events taking place, including the traditional demo derby and similar fair events. Allegan County Fair, however, will also have big name performers like Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Sam Hunt.  

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