More details have been released regarding an officer-involved shooting that happened outside a mental health facility in Battle Creek earlier this week. Police Chief Jim Blocker held a press conference Thursday afternoon, which included videos from the incident, which has been posted in a link below.

"She’d been an ongoing patient of concern. It escalated quickly" - Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker


A 40-year-old woman arrived at Summit Pointe’s facility early Wednesday afternoon for a court-ordered mental health appointment. She had two kids in her vehicle. When officers and staff approached, she pulled out a gun leading to a brief exchange of gunfire with police. Officials were unaware she was armed with a gun, which turned out to be unregistered.

One of the children escaped from the vehicle with the help of a staff member from the facility, but both were nearly wedged in-between two vehicles when the woman drove off. As she was trying to flee the scene, she backed into a Battle Creek Police patrol car and then drove forward striking another vehicle where the staff member and child were crouched down to avoid gunfire.

The other child remained in the vehicle with the woman, who was located a short time later near a relative’s house at Garfield Ave. and Harvard St.. She was taken into custody and then to a hospital for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. Both children were not injured during the incident and are currently under the care of child protective services. The woman’s name has not been released.

Officers involved are on a standard paid administrative leave while the Michigan State Police conduct an investigation.

Chief Blocker says she will likely face charges when released from the hospital, but also said she does not need to be in prison, but rather spend time in a place where she can get the help she needs.

**WARNING: Some images in the videos shown during the press conference may be disturbing for some viewers**

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