We see or read weekly about Biden Supporters who are on the rampage burning, looting, destroying, perpetrating violence and attempting to intimidate people in cities large and small around our entire country.

The Washington Free Beacon has informed us about a few of those instances that recently occurred. They have informed us about:

A Portland Oregon protester who justifies looting businesses because ‘property does not bleed.  This Nobel prize-winning protester told CNN:

"Property doesn’t bleed, but I do. If ending systematic oppression means a store gets burnt or looted, and nobody’s hurt, how is that any worse than living in a situation where I have to fear for my life every day?"


Then we move on to a mob of Black Lives Matter upstanding citizens who were threatening and accosting diners in St. Petersburg, Florida screaming "stand up, fight back" and driving diners from their tables.  A Tampa Bay Times reporter also filmed BLM protesters attacking a car.

Now let’s move north to Louisville Kentucky where a Democratic state representative and her daughter were arrested for unlawful assembly and first-degree rioting.  They decided to smash the windows and cause destruction at a public library.  This woman is a State Representative elected by Democrats.

Form Kentucky we head west to Los Angeles California we’re a local news station helicopter films a person driving a Prius through the streets of LA attempting to escape a riotous mob of Biden Supporters who were chasing after them.

We will end our trip around the United States back in Louisville Kentucky where Biden supporters were ramping up their anti-police violence and rhetoric.  There two Louisville officers were shot while responding to reports of gunfire during a, we hate the police, protest.  The police survived their gunshot wounds but to add insult to injury the suspect was only charged with 2 counts of first-degree assault of a police officer and 14 counts of wanton endangerment. 

This is what we can expect more of if you enable their behavior with a vote for the Democratic Party.

What do you get more of when you enable your out of control teenagers, more of the same behavior.

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