Oh no! Michigan people are in big trouble. Two humanitarian "experts" from the United Nations (U.N.) are upset with us.

They called the Detroit water shutoff (which happened because many people refused to pay for their water) a "large-scale retrogression" on Monday.

Catarina de Albuquerque, a U.N. humanitarian expert recently visited Detroit and said, "The denial of access to a sufficient quantity of water ... (threatens) the right to life and the right [to not] be discriminated against. It exacerbates inequalities, it stigmatizes people, and renders the most vulnerable even more helpless."

The U.N. Human Rights "experts" Albuquerque and Leilani Farha said Monday that those who've had their water turned off aren't refusing to pay because they believe their bill is too high.

"In the three days we were here, nobody asked us for free water, People want to their bills within their possibilities...they want affordable and fair bills," Albuquerque said.

Oh they just believe the cost is too high so they refuse to pay it.  I read that they even refuse to commit to a payment schedule.

What do they have to say about that?

We will never know because they were never asked by the great media we have.

So what do the want the city of Detroit, which means the rest of Michigan because Detroit can not afford squat"

  • "First, we suggest that the city of Detroit restores water connections to all residents unable to pay, and also to stop any further disconnections of water in those cases," Albuquerque said. "We also urge the city, the state, but also the national government...to adopt a mandatory affordability standard."

Oh and....

  • Albuquerque also recommended new policies be adopted to ensure specific support to people in the most vulnerable financial situations, as well as financial assistance to ensure the access to the necessary amount of water, about 26 gallons per day, to everyone for consumption and sanitation.


  • In the event that a family is displaced due to water shutoffs, the city must offer services to get them alternate accommodation with running water, she said.

That is all.

If I was the Mayor I would thank them for their time and show them the door and hope it bumps them in the keister on the way out.