U.S. Marshals made a rare enforcement foray into Battle Creek this weekend.  They were looking for two young wanted felons from Virginia. The Marshals Service just 10 days ago issued a notice for a $5,000 reward relating to the two escapees from a Virginia Juvenile Corrections facility. They escaped on the 13th. The Marshals located 20-year-old Jabar Taylor and 18-year-old Rashad Williams at a Battle Creek hotel. They surrendered to Marshals and assisting local police without a struggle. That’s just the opposite of their escape where they are accused of using a cord to choke a security guard to the point of unconsciousness. They used the guard’s keys to get out of the building and ran through a hole cut in a perimeter fence to a waiting getaway vehicle.  A center employee has been charged with helping the two make good on their escape. 20-year-old Williams has second-degree murder and aggravated assault convictions. The 18-year-old was convicted of malicious wounding and robbery. U.S. Marshals pursued the pair through Pennsylvania before locating the two here in Battle Creek. There’s no information yet why the pair picked this area to hole up. Both are lodged at the Calhoun County Jail pending transfer.

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