Yurt is a Turkish word for the round dwellings nomadic tribes built for shelter, dating back to the Mongolian gers on the steppes of Central Asia 3,000+ years ago. You can vacation in one today.

Located in Champion, Michigan, way up north in the Upper Peninsula, simply getting in to Craig Lake State Park can be an adventure. A multitude of deer, black bear, beaver, loons and moose roam the almost 8,500 acres of wilderness at Michigan's most remote state park. The campsites can be just as adventurous and remote with 2 yurts available to rent.

Secluded in the dense forest surrounding Keewaydin Lake, the 20-foot-diameter yurt sleeps four people and is equipped with two bunk beds, mattresses, armoire, tables and chairs, a woodstove heat with cooktop, small propane grill (bring your own 1 pound propane bottles). Running water and electricity are not provided, but an outhouse is located nearby.

-Craig Lake State Park on Facebook

You'll have some stories to tell around the fire after camping in a yurt like the ancient Mongols.

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