A vehicle crashed into a Battle Creek home and the aftermath was caught on camera.

Imagine relaxing after a long day or being awoken to the thunderous sound and shaking that would accompany a vehicle leaving the roadway and smashing into your home. That's exactly what happened to the residents of this Battle Creek home.

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Sgt. Shane Schwarz of the Battle Creek Police Department said the accident occurred just before 9:00 p.m. Tuesday, April, 6th. The vehicle was traveling from Ann Avenue and turning onto North Kendall Street left the roadway and crashed into this Kendall Street home.

According to Sgt. Schwarz, the driver was traveling at a high rate of speed just before leaving the roadway and crashing into the home. The home was occupied at the time. The resident was not injured during the incident but was checked out by medics with LifeCare at the scene.

The driver of the vehicle suffered injuries to his arm and was taken to Bronson Battle Creek. Upon release for treatment, he was taken into police custody for Operating While Intoxicated (O.W.I.) and lodged at the Calhoun County Jail.

The video below was captured by Kevin Live who streamed the live events directly to his social media page.

The incident occurred on the north side of Battle Creek. Kevin said that witnesses at the scene told him that vehicle in question was allegedly traveling at a high rate of speed and attempted to make a sharp turn at the intersection of Ann Avenue and Kendall Street when it left the roadway and crashed into the home.

Crews from the Battle Creek Fire Department and officers with the Battle Creek Police Department were on the scene shortly after the accident occurred. A wrecker was used to remove the vehicle from the home.

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