A meteor-like object green in color shot through the state of Michigan earlier today. Spotted by residents in Detroit, Lansing and even Grand Rapids, the green colored fireball shot over our state in a matter of seconds before it hurled itself through six states.

The green speedy object was caught on video by one observer.

Astronomers are guessing its a nickel based fireball.  In Meteor terminology, a fireball is defined as  a meteor brighter than the planet Venus. Sometimes mistaken for a Bolide, which is the light emitted from a meteoroid or asteroid as it explodes in the atmosphere, the fireball doesn't explode but is so bright it appears as if it is exploding. Many witnesses reported expecting to hear an explosion after it shot through the skies above them.

Several thousand fireball-like meteors occur in earth's atmosphere almost daily so its quite shocking that they are not reported more often. Fireballs during daylight and over vast amounts of uninhabited oceans and rural areas are probably the reasons they are not reported more often.

What Should I do If I spot a Fireball?

You can report it to the American Meteor Society who make a living collecting meteor reports. Their goal is to get multiple reports and then be able to assemble a trajectory path that the fireball has taken.  Don't be alarmed if you hear a huge noise accompanied by the sighting.  Sonic booms and electrophonic sounds are all to familiar with the passing of larger fireballs.

To report any fireball or extraordinary meteor activity simply start HERE.

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