Growing up, all of my friends always fantasized about living in the Victorian Era, strolling down the cobblestone streets in, what was it, about 15 layers of clothing? Personally, that's not for me. Call me crazy but I enjoy things like modern medicine and air conditioning.

However, I'm not here to judge. If you are someone who has often longed for days gone by and wish you could experience what life was like in the 1800's then I've got some great news for you.

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In Flint there lies a village called Crossroads Village. I've never heard of it but, I came across a post about the village in the group Abandoned, Old and Interesting places in Michigan and it caught my attention. Apparently, the village consists of buildings that were constructed in the 1800's and 1900's, moved to Crossroads Village, renovated, and then opened to the public.

According to the post, all buildings can be explored freely and there's even a steam train that will take you on a tour of the countryside. Naturally, I had to find out more.

Like many things in Michigan, this village operates seasonally Memorial Day - Labor Day. According to the Genesee County Park's website, the village contains:

  • 34 historic buildings
  • A community that will welcome you when you visit
  • Shows at the Colwell Opera House
  • Tradespeople on site to teach you certain trades
  • A operable train with 11 replica and original coaches

And more! See everything that's included here.

Tickets range in price from $9 to $20 depending on your age and what you want to experience that day. And, besides being an attraction on its own, it looks like Crossroads Village also hosts a number of events like auto shows, music fests, an Oddities Fair, science days and more. See the full calendar and find pricing information here.

Unfortunately, I don't have permission to use the photos that originally caught my attention in this article, but you can check them out if you're looking for a little preview of what Crossroads Village looks like. Find the original post here.

I truly don't think I'd ever want to live back in the 1800's but seeing how they lived while being able to return to my air conditioned apartment sounds doable. 😆

Keep in mind, we're slowly getting out of the pandemic which may impact future events. Make sure you double check with Crossroads Village before making any plans.

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