A dog owner in North Carolina has posted the warning to other fur parents - BE CAREFUL.

Three dogs passed away just hours after taking a dip in a North Carolina pond and their owner is soudning the alarm about blue-green algae. Harpo, Izzy and Abby all began having seizures, and all three were put down before the end of the day.

The dogs were poisoned from the algae in the pond, which is most common during the summer. The dogs' owner said that she didn't even notice the algae, which was in a pond next to a walking trail.

This hit home for me personally - when I was 13, I went swimming at my grandparents' campground just outside of Wisconsin Dells. The water was a bit discolored, but that was nothing new. My cousin reminded me to wash my ears out afterwards, which I didn't do. The blue-green algae in the lake gave me a double-case of swimmers ear that landed me in the hospital overnight; I still have hearing loss to this day.

It's no joke, for animals AND humans. Be careful, be aware.

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