According to a Rasmussen poll conducted last November 17-18, 47%, believe the election was stolen from President Trump.  The problem Joe Biden may have is that 47% is not made up of only Republicans.  According to the poll the numbers breakdown as follows:

  • 70% of Republicans believe it is very likely (61%) or somewhat likely (14%) that the election was stolen from Trump.
  • 30% of Democrats believe it is very likely (20 percent) or somewhat likely (10 percent) that it was.

Those are pretty impressive numbers when you consider how many Democrats believe the election was stolen.  I appreciate their honesty,  Even if you were cut the 30% figure in half that still leaves 15% of Democrats who believe the election was stolen from President Trump.

Don’t trust Rasmussen how about the left-leaning POLITICO/Morning Consult poll? They found that 86 percent of Democrats say they trust the results, which means 14% did not trust the election results.

Hear the evidence for yourself by one person who was on the front lines at the TCF Center in Detroit former state Senator Pat Colbeck.  Pat was a poll challenger at the TCF Center and can speak to his direct experience there.

The Calhoun County TEA Party is hosting a Townhall to discuss and explore what occurred over the weeks of the election day. No matter what your party affiliation is we should all demand fair elections.  Today they might be stolen from your opponent but tomorrow they might be stolen from you.

I hope to see you there, it will be very informative and fun.

The following are the details:


TUESDAY MARCH 23            5:30 TO 8:00 PM



(Formerly Southeastern Jr. H.S)

The meeting is hosted by Bishop Tino Smith of Kingdom Builders Worldwide.

The moderator for the evening will be our friend RENK, from the Live with Renk Radio Show heard Monday thru Friday 9:00 AM To Noon on WBCK 95.3  Battle Creek and WKMI 1360 AM Kalamazoo



Was there election fraud in the November 2020 election?

Was there election fraud significant enough to determine the outcome of the election?

What can we do to restore faith in our election system, and how do we do it?

These issues and more will be discussed and examined by our highly qualified featured speakers.

Patrick Colbeck;

Author of Wrestling Gators (how to drain the swamp) founder of and two-term Michigan Senator. Patrick will present the data he discovered from thoroughly investigating every aspect of Michigan voter irregularities.

Attorney Matthew DePerno;

Matthew is the attorney who brought legal action against Antrim County resulting in the investigation, exposing the Dominion Voting Machine vulnerabilities to fraud and the switching of 6000 votes from Trump to Biden

Senator John Bizon;

John will provide an update of the current senate business regarding this subject matter.

There will be a Q & A opportunities for everyone to participate comments are welcomed.

Doors open at 5:30

Free Pizza and drinks served

The Program begins at 6:00 pm and runs to 8:00 pm  

Join us to see and hear what the news media is ignoring.

The meeting is free and open to the public.

The Live with Renk show airs Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to noon, to let me know your thoughts call (269) 441-9595

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