Voters may now have a clearer picture on some positions as the candidates for 62nd District state representative met and answered questions live on WBCK Friday, October 28, 2016.

The exchange was structured debate-style, with Rep. Dr. John Bizon, a Republican, and Calhoun County Commissioner Jim Haadsma, a Democrat, taking turns answering questions on various issues including education, revenue sharing, the Flint water crisis, claims made in their political ads and the presidential race.

Bizon: 'I Voted for Donald Trump'

Back in September in an appearance on The Richard Piet Show, Bizon stopped short of endorsing GOP nominee Donald Trump, but said he would vote for the nominee. In Friday's debate, Bizon said he has already voted - and said he did vote for Donald Trump. In response, Haadsma said he would vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Flint Water

Both candidates responded to a question about the aftermath of the Flint water crisis, including whether or not they felt Governor Rick Snyder should use public funds to defend himself in the case. Haadsma said he should not, while Bizon said former governors Jennifer Granholm and John Engler made similar moves when they were in office.

Watch the debate in its entirety by clicking the player below.

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