Gas Buddy is sending out an alert warning us to think about filling up, and soon!

The tech company that monitors 140,000 gas stations to find real-time fuel prices notes that the pre-hike average in Michigan was $2.99. but warns that it could go up to a projected average of $3.19, or maybe even more!

Gas Buddy says these Battle Creek stations in your area usually react slowly:

  • Sam's Club at 12737 6 Mile Rd
  • Marathon at 240 E Columbia Ave
  • Circle K at 221 E Columbia Ave
  • BP at 5195 BECKLEY RD
  • BP at 2594 CAPITAL AVE SW

But the Marathon on East Columbia already bumped their price of regular to $3.13 as of Wednesday afternoon.   The Circle K across the street was still at $2.85.  (The $3.13 on the sign at Circle K is for diesel)

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So what can we expect?   Gas Buddy says there’s a 94% chance of prices soaring to as much as $3.32 in the next day and a half.  (by Friday morning).   Prices are already that high in the Detroit area.  The lowest prices in the state, as of Wednesday afternoon, were $2.69 in Fremont.

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