The Kalamazoo Growlers have just announced they will be releasing a multi-episode documentary which will touch on the team's history, but primarily on their shocking and Cinderella-story like Championship run in the 2022 Season. The Kalamazoo Growlers ended the regular season on a 5 game winning streak after falling to the bottom seed of the playoffs, only to sweep the playoffs with 4 more unanswered wins to claim their first ever Northwoods League Championship. A Post shared explains the documentary and you can watch the trailer below:

Un•like•ly- An adjective- Definition: Not likely to happen, be done, or be true; improbable. This was a season like no other, and we've been thrilled to bring you along for the ride. Now, go behind the scenes of the 2022 season as the Kalamazoo Growlers claw their way to the top, starting from the bottom. Coming this winter is a multi-part documentary telling the story of the most unlikely season in Growlers history. We can't wait to share it with you all, but until then, enjoy this trailer to get you hyped up for the finished project.

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No word yet on where and when it will be released or made available, but it would be cool if we could get a limited local theatrical run. As noted in the trailer. after securing a playoff birth with a first half of the season first-place clincher, the team fell to last place in the league going 9-22. Ending the season with a 9 game-winning streak put the entire Northwoods league on notice, and now we look forward to the documentary and the next season of Growlers Baseball.

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