Raise your hand if you need an extra dose of serotonin today. If your hand is raised, this viral Tiktok video, or more accurately, videos should do the trick.

A crowd had gathered on a Chicago street as they awaited the next band, Cherry Glazerr, to take the stage during Wicker Park Fest, one of Chicago's more popular summer festivals. It's unclear who first noticed this cute little doggie in a street-facing apartment window but, clearly, they started pointing it out to others in the crowd.

Suddenly, the crowd goes absolutely wild when that dog is displayed in full Lion King style:

Wholesome, adorable...just what we need in a world of what feels like constant bad news.

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With over 2 million views, this video racked up over 2,000 comments, too. Most of which hinted that there was a second POV of this exact moment.

While Google search works hard, the Tiktok algorithm works harder. Only a few hours after the above video popped up on my For You Page, the accompanying video showing the dog's perspective showed up without me having to search:

That video is the only one posted under the account @hieronymiss and it is now up to 5.6 million views as I type this sentence. They really said, "hold my beer" and went massively viral with one video. Well, I guess it would be more like, "hold my dog."

With over 5 million views, this video gained over 3,000 comments that ranged from pure fascination, confusion, and witty references to pop culture (like The Lion King). However, this comment might be the winner:

What religion is this? I’m interested. - Jeremy F. 

Me too, Jeremy. Me too.

Dogs are just the best, aren't they? Especially when they're so patient with us, their human owners, dressing them up. Speaking of which, Halloween is right around the corner. If you're in need of some inspiration for costumes check out these adorable pups:

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