You scream, I scream, we all scream....for teachers to get free ice cream?

Thanks to Hudsonville Ice Cream, you can now nominate your favorite local teacher for free pints of their ice cream. They're labeling it Random Acts of Ice Cream, something I discovered thanks to Teachers will be nominated by you with a story or reason as to why they're deserving of something sweet. Hudsonville will then select a teacher and deliver not just one pint but a box full pints of ice cream directly to their door. In an interview with, Hudsonville Ice Cream representative Rachel Messingschlager explained the purpose behind creating Random Acts of Ice Cream.

The intent of our Random Acts of Ice Cream program is to show gratitude and bring joy to someone’s day, and with the new school year starting we wanted to acknowledge the dedication of teachers and other education staff.

Being a teacher is stressful enough, as I can only imagine. I don't have kids. I just have friends with kids and friends who are teachers. The stress levels are high on both fronts. And while ice cream won't solve the current problems I can't help but feel like a box full of pints of ice cream randomly showing up at someone's door would certainly help a little.

On their website they write...

We believe kindness can change the way people see and experience the world. Random Acts of Ice Cream was created to honor special individuals and spark a little happiness in their lives.

We ALL need a little more kindness and happiness this year. You can make your nomination for the deserving teacher in your life here.

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