It's a coast-to-coast weenie roast when the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile comes to town. Take a look inside "Big Bun," and get a guided tour of one of only 6 weinermobiles in the world.

The famous Oscar Mayer Weinermobile was at the Harding's in Galesburg, so I couldn't miss a chance to see this piece of classic Americana. Climb aboard and fasten your "meat belt" as "Cheesy Nick" gives us the guided tour of "Big Bun." "Big Bun" is actually one of 6 weinermobiles that travel the country promoting Oscar Mayer.

Weinermobile Names:

  1. Big Bun
  2. Weinermobile
  3. Weiner
  4. Oh, I Wish
  5. I Wish I Were
  6. Yummy

Weinermobile Dimensions

  • 60 hot dogs long (27')
  • 24 hot dogs tall (11')
  • 16 hot dogs wide (8')

The shape is iconic and the signature yellow and brown coloring is unmistakable. Step inside where the skies are always clear blue and there might be mustard on the floor as "Cheesy Nick" gives us a bunderful tour of the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile.

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