The Michigan Senate passed a series of bills, all on straight party-line votes 26-10 Republicans in favor Democrats against, to require suspicion-based drug testing for some welfare recipients.

The bills are now heading for the desk of Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder for signing.

The bill will direct the Michigan Department of Human Services to create and implement a one-year drug testing pilot program in at least three Michigan counties by October of 2015.

Opponents of the bills say the testing will stigmatize welfare recipients who are already struggling.

Do you believe that it would stigmatize them?

Should our taxpayer dollars go to funding their drug habit?

Proponents of the bills say it will make sure taxpayer monies are not going to paying for drugs.

Sounds like a good reason to me.

The bills state that DHS will use a substance abuse screening tool for welfare recipients and applicants and if the screening methods suggest "reasonable suspicion" they would be required to take a drug test.

If the person tests positive, they would not be automatically kicked off the welfare rolls but would be referred to a substance abuse agency.  If they refuse to attend the substance abuse program — or test positive a second time during treatment — they would be taken off the welfare rolls for six months.

Good idea or bad?

Many in the private industry who work for their pay have to get drug tested.

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