This one is interesting, we usually hear that these actors, musicians and comedians are unwilling to perform unless everyone is in a hermetic suit.  This time a comedian is refusing to perform at a venue in Michigan because they force paying customers to show proof they are vaccinated.

That comedian is Jim Breuer.  One of Jim’s claims to fame was playing Goat Boy when he was a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1995 to 1998. Jim was scheduled to perform on October 1st at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  

Royal Oak Music Theater is run by a company called AEG.  AEG won’t let people into shows in their venues if they don’t show proof of vaccination. 

On his Facebook page in a video he posted Breuer said the following:

“The Wellmont Theater, New Jersey. Not doing it. Also, the Royal Oak Theater in Michigan. Due to the segregation of them forcing people to show up to prove you’re vaccinated, to prove you’ve had a shot. I am absolutely not doing those shows…I know I’m going to sacrifice a lot of money, but I’m not going to be enslaved by the system or by money and nor should anyone that wants to laugh or be entertained.”

Good for him.

He went on to say:

“I don’t care if you’re vaccinated. I don’t care. That’s great. It’s a choice. And if you have anything else to say, I honestly don’t care. Due to I have to stick to my morals, I have to stick to what I know is right. As a human to another human, when you have to be forced, bribed, dictated, which is basically what’s going on, I’m telling you, Live Nation and AEG are holding hostage to all performers and telling these venues that they need to do it. I’d rather go bankrupt and make a stance and not segregate.”

Does AEG have the right to demand proof of vaccination, YES!

Does Jim Breuer have the right to not perform at that venue because of their exclusionary demands, YES!

We should all look at this as a breath of fresh air and celebrate that there are still people who are willing to put their careers on the line to do what they think is right.  

Good for you Jim, I hope you stick to your guns.  Jim probably made a lot of Democrats angry now it appears I may have because I brought up guns.  God help us if I would have brought up my support for the police, a closed border, fiscal responsibility and life.

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