Over the last decade, a trend that started in Oregon of flashy, colorful and non-traditional uniforms have taken the college football world by storm. Our Western Michigan University Broncos was among those teams who have tried out a few different looks. One of them, the uniforms the team wore during the 2014 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl was named one of the 10 worst uniforms ever worn.

The list was compiled by CampusRush who noted that,

Brown is a hard color to work with, therefore save a little compassion for Western Michigan. However, adding more brown and hints of gold doesn't make things better, as was the case with their Row the Boat digs in the 2014 Famous Idaho Bowl bowl.

Those uniforms featured gold-bronco-on-cream helmets and odd x's across the shoulders.

To add insult to injury, the Broncos lost their bowl game, held during a steady rain, to Air Force 38-24.

Among the other gaudy gameday digs were Notre Dame's Shamrock Series, Kansas's full on Crimson Reds and Maryland's bizzare state pride unis.

If you don't remember those 2014 uniforms, here's a look at Broncos trip to their bowl game in Idaho.

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