Just a few days ago I published a piece about what could be the largest slot car racing track in the United States if not the world.  That slot car racing track is in Dearborn Michigan.  That story certainly took me back to my childhood.  Here is another story that certainly takes me back to my childhood.

Now I find a piece about a paper airplane competition.  I did not even know there is a worldwide paper airplane competition run by anyone let alone Red Bull.  MLive alerted me to this competition when they wrote an article informing us that a Western Michigan University aviation student set a United States record. His name is Evin Cooper and his paper airplane flew for a U.S. record of 14.06 seconds.

Those of us who ever made and attempted to fly paper airplanes know that flying your paper airplane for 14.06 seconds is a very long and impressive time.  How do these competitors do it?

How large is this competition, according to the article:

The Red Bull competition includes students from 490 universities in 62 countries. The competition was first held in 2006. Subsequent competitions were held in 2009, 2012, 2015 and 2019

What are the rules?

Participants must make their paper airplane out of one standard piece of paper. They are only allowed to fold the paper and are prohibited from ripping, cutting, gluing, stapling or ballasting.

How can you make a great paper airplane? Click on the following: Paper Plane making tips.

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