It is funny to me how many adults love to get dressed up for Halloween, but yet seem to be angered by teenagers who go trick or treating. I am not talking about 13-year-old kids, I am talking 16 years of age and up. Why do we always tell kids and or teens not to grow up too fast, but we are pissed when they are at our doors on Halloween night asking for candy?

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I am not as concerned with the ages of people that want to trick-or-treat, but more so by doing it without wearing a costume. Yes, I know more often than not that the weather on Halloween night is not usually ideal for elaborate costumes. That's okay - there are plenty of options. You can put your child in a costume over sweats and a sweatshirt. Even face painting or a mask are both options. Every year I am always surprised how many kids and or teens I get at my house in no costumes whatsoever. Do I give them candy still? Hell no - just kidding, of course I do. Nonetheless, I am always a little surprised.

I don't have kids so maybe I am asking too much. Maybe your kid(s) had a bad day and refused to wear the costume(s) you purchased. I get it, kids can be difficult. The most impressive kid costume I have ever seen was a young gal named Carley dressed up as me. You can peep that pic below, and for the record tequila was not part of her costume.

If I remember right, I quit going out to trick-or-treat when I was 15 or 16-years-old. That being said, I was also one of those kids who wanted to grow up too fast. If I could go back, I would have definitely continued trick or treating at those ages.

Let me know what you think.

Carley P.
Carley P.

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