We are back to Antrim County Michigan and the Dominion Voting Systems machines.  It all started back in November of 2020 when it was discovered that Antrim County using Dominion voting machines switched Trump votes to Biden votes.

Out of approximately 17,000 total votes, the Antrim County voting machines flipped approximately 6,000 votes (35%) from Trump to Biden giving Biden the win in that county.  The vote count was not corrected until someone outside of their clerk’s office pointed out an anomaly.  Once that was pointed out or their flip was caught, however, you want to look at it, the correction was made.  The county and Dominion blamed it on a glitch in their software.

Wonder how many “software glitches” were not discovered?

I reported in December of 2020 that Antrim County Circuit Judge Kevin Elsenheimer through the Michigan State Court Administrative Office, released an order, requiring Antrim County to preserve its election records and allow forensic photos to be taken from 22 of their Dominion precinct tabulators.

Last month I reported on my show that Judge Elsenheimer ruled that the Michigan election officials “must release communications with Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google as part of a lawsuit filed in Antrim County dealing with Dominion Voting Systems machines”.

Has Secretary of State (SOS) Benson and the state of Michigan turned over any of those records?

The answer would be NO!

The Washington Examiner reported on Wednesday that the state has not turned over any documents, documents that were due last Tuesday, February 2nd.  The judge has now extended that deadline to next Monday, February 8th.  Why is SOS Benson not providing any documents, communications or reason for not meeting the timeline ordered by the court, we do not know.  The transparent Whitmer administration is refusing to comment on their non-compliance with the court order or it simply is not being reported.

Here is a good question, why are they not being fined for not following the court's order?  Why is the court giving them time with no excuse being reported for them not providing the documents by the date ordered?

A filing by Matthew DePerno alleged that SOS Jocelyn Benson’s office:

“has refused to produce any information regarding money spent by the state of Michigan or money spent on ballot drop-boxes (i.e. Zucker-boxes)”

He went on to say that Benson:

“had funds available to her to spend on training counties on how to use Dominion Voting System…It is plaintiff’s understanding that (Benson) chose to spend zero dollars on training”

He then wrote in his filing:

“Instead, she spent money and resources installing so-called Zucker-boxes throughout Michigan, including Wayne County, Ann Arbor, Flint, Lansing, Muskegon, Pontiac and Saginaw, in conjunction with Facebook, Dominion, Center for Tech and Civic Life, Google, Amazon and Apple.”

Why did she not spend that money on training and instead spend it on other things?  In fact, it sounds like those funds should be audited to find out exactly where they went.

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