Many people who keep themselves very informed on what is happening in political news have heard of the Friday evening document dump.  That is when a political party or politician releases bad news to the press.  They do this because they know fewer people will be watching or listening to the news and that means fewer people will know what they did or how bad they are actually doing their job.

Have you heard of the holiday’s document dump?

The Whitmer Administration has now used the last Christmas/New Years' holidays to release really bad information.

What was that bad information?

They lost $8.5 billion in unemployment dollars to fraud.

According to an audit by accounting firm Deloitte and Touche Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) determined Governor Whitmer’s UIA paid approximately $8.4-8.51 billion in fraudulent claims between March 2020 and September 2021.

The current director of the UIA, Julia Dale, said in a statement:

It's extremely disheartening that bad actors have defrauded the much-needed benefits intended for hard-working Michiganders and the scale of their actions is stunning

Yes Julia it is “extremely disheartening” that we do not have the right systems, protocols, procedures and apparently people in place in order to stop this amount of theft from the taxpayers.

In a statement by the Department of Labor Economic Opportunity Governer Whitmer said:

It's extremely important that we continue to push back on bad actors who look to take advantage of a vital safety net resource for out-of-work Michiganders

Governor Whitmer, why didn’t you make sure the right people were in place to have the right systems, protocols and procedures in place to catch most of these “bad actors”?

Perhaps the “bad actors” are actually working in some very high levels of Michigan's government.

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